Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, another year is over. Can't believe it's New Year's Eve already!

We're going to the Ohio State basketball game at 4:00, then going out for Mexican food. On our way home, we're making a surprise visit to Kendra's to pick up Darby for the night. She and her siblings, along with numerous friends, are meeting at her house tonight before they head to a local 'watering hole' which they can walk to. I'm sure she'll owe me big time for taking the puppy off her hands!

I put my knitting 'away' last week when I was cleaning for a Christmas party at our house. I haven't gotten a single project out yet. Can't believe I've gone almost a week with no knitting...that's a first. I might have to dig something out to take along to the basketball game this afternoon.

Happy New Year!!