Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lobsters/Car Purchase

Look what we had for dinner tonight! Bill saw an article in the Columbus Dispatch about this guy in Mt. Vernon (Ohio) who drives to Maine every couple of weeks and brings back 500 lbs. of fresh lobster to sell. he went today and brought back dinner. It was quite tasty. Marshall came over to join us. Since he didn't answer his phone today to tell us if he was joining us, he ended up with a small one. The other small is cooked, cleaned and ready for a lobster roll for Parker tomorrow. (the bigger 2 were 2-1/2 lbs. each and the smaller ones were 1-1/4 lb.)

Kendra decided on a car today. Boy, was she fast!! When she decides on something, she takes action. She'd done her homework, got advise/suggestions from her main squeeze and headed out to do some test driving. She was quite funny when we got out of the Mini Cooper, which she's drooled over for years. She immediately said, "Well, that's now OFF my bucket-list!"

She ended up getting the 1st car she test drove. A Honda Insight (hybrid). She didn't get it to be green, she got it because she liked the features...hatchback for her pooch and bike. Plus, they can get leather seats for her (that's for the pooch). And...she said it was more of a 'grown up' car than the others she was thinking about. She should take delivery either Monday or Tuesday (they want it on their books this month!) The salesman was ordering the leather for the seats today. As soon as that comes in, they'll give her a 'loaner' for a few days while they re-cover the seats. She's one happy person! BTW - She's had her current car (1998 Mercury Tracer) for 13 years. Got her through high school, college + 6 years post graduation. Boy was that a great investment on our part:-)

Off to watch the Chicago Indy car race. Go Team Penske. Even though I'm in love with Helio Castroneves, I hope Will Power takes the win to really give himself a bigger lead in the points.

Car Shopping

Just a quick not to say I went 'car shopping' with Kendra yesterday and we're going again today. She's had the same car since shortly after she started driving. little girl is all grown up and getting a new car!! Hopefully, she'll let me take a picture of her and her new 'toy' once she makes a decision and purchase.

Sure is fun helping someone else spend $$ on a car!!!