Friday, July 24, 2009

My 1st KAL

Yesterday I signed up for my first KAL(knit along) in ravelry. It's even a mystery KAL, all I know is that it will be felted bag. Trouble is, I won't get my 1st clue until Sept. 23.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to see the yarn that's available as a kit. Dear baby sis, Jan (ozona on ravelry), is also doing it. (she's completing her 1st KAL right now) so there will be a little sibling rivalry going on. Once again, I take full credit for her knitting skills, having made her learn several years ago when she was visiting.

Not much new in the knitting here. I'm still working on a small shawl/scarf with those damn yarn-overs. I completed 5 charts with my stitch count correct, everything looking awesome, only to get to the 6th chart and not have to correct number of stitches on my needles. There wasn't an errata for the pattern either. Grrrr...I will prevail over my lace knitting!

Last night I placed an order from
KnitPicks. Parker picked some sock yarn. Of course, the yarn he really liked needed to be hand washed...not happening. He finally settled on a yarn but, he was worse than a shop-a-holic at the Mall of America, couldn't decide and looked at everything numerous times. The yarn should be here early next week. They will definitely be done 2-at-a-time with his size 15 feet! That's a 'single sock syndrome' just waiting to happen if done one at a time.

Off to decide what to to have for dinner. Last I heard from DH (3 hrs. ago) he was sitting in a boat on Lake Erie with his fishing buddies, wait for a tow. Now doesn't that sound like fun? (at least it wasn't on our boat)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Absolutely, Positively AWESOME...that's about all I can say about the Elton John/Billy Joel face2face concert we went to Tues. night! Of course, they are my 2 favorite musicians. The tickets were a birthday present from my boss. He, his wife, another co-worker and her husband and Bill were also there. The seats were out of this world (thanks Betty [said boss' wife]).

The only way it would have been better:
1. Elton John's musicians not playing quite so loud
2. More songs with just the 2 of them on their grand pianos, after their musicians left stage

It was a long night (they performed for over 3-1/2 hours) and my ears were still ringing the next day, but well worth it.

We'd seen them perform together when they were at the OSU Shoe years ago. Bill & I saw Billy Joel several years ago and I've seen Elton John in concert. I never get tired of their music. Oh...what talent they have.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bill's Retirement

Bill's Retirement Party was yesterday. It was so nice! Robin (secretary) did an absolutely wonderful job of putting it all together. All 3 kids were able to come, Parker only during his lunch, but the 'speech' was planned for when he'd be there. Marshall & Kendra were there for most of it. Great to have them there! (the kids are standing in birth order, with Parker being the tall one)

I don't know where the last 12 years have gone since Bill was appointed to his first (6 yr) term at the Ohio Industrial Commission. And now it's over. Prior to that, when he first ran for the legislature in 1986, Parker rode in a little red wagon for the parades...look at him now!

Bill's first order of 'retirement' business was to do 'DarbyDuty" at lunchtime and let Kendra's dog out, since she was having one of her 14-15 hour work days. From there he headed to Lake Erie/Cedar Point and will be going fishing with his buddies tomorrow. He'll be back tomorrow night, then we'll head back up on Friday morning for the holiday weekend. Still don't know where we'll be watching the fireworks. If the lake is calm, we might head over to Put-n-Bay, otherwise, we'll be able to see the ones at Cedar Point from our boat dock. Either way, it will be nice to get away for a few days.

Happy Independence Day to all!!!

It's Finished!

I got the baby sweater finished earlier this week and blocked last night. This picture is preblocking. We'll hopefully get it delivered to the little (BIG) guy next week. Mom/Dad go back to work on the 13th. (Dad's been working about 1 day/week). Don't know if I'll have time to make big-sis the finger puppets I had planned. If not, I'm sure she'll love sidewalk chalk, crayons/coloring books. That usually makes most 3 year old girls happy.