Saturday, July 18, 2009


Absolutely, Positively AWESOME...that's about all I can say about the Elton John/Billy Joel face2face concert we went to Tues. night! Of course, they are my 2 favorite musicians. The tickets were a birthday present from my boss. He, his wife, another co-worker and her husband and Bill were also there. The seats were out of this world (thanks Betty [said boss' wife]).

The only way it would have been better:
1. Elton John's musicians not playing quite so loud
2. More songs with just the 2 of them on their grand pianos, after their musicians left stage

It was a long night (they performed for over 3-1/2 hours) and my ears were still ringing the next day, but well worth it.

We'd seen them perform together when they were at the OSU Shoe years ago. Bill & I saw Billy Joel several years ago and I've seen Elton John in concert. I never get tired of their music. Oh...what talent they have.

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