Thursday, June 25, 2009

This week's knitting...

Last night I finished the body of the top-down raglan baby sweater I started earlier in the week. (it's for a little guy that came into this world at a whopping 11 lb. 4 oz!) The yarn is Cascade Venezia and wonderful to knit with. I got the yarn & pattern at Knit 1 last weekend in Chicago. The pattern, Wilhelminia's Baby Sweater, is the shop owner's design, Wilhelminia being her older daughter. I thought I had size 8 double points for the sleeves, but can't seem to find them...that usually means dear daughter has stolen once again. Guess I'll use a long cord on my KnitPicks Harmony and do the sleeves with magic loop. Next will be knitted finger puppets for the little guy's big sister.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Darby Swimming/Chicago Trip

We've finally got Darby jumping in the pool. She still won't jump in on the 'sides', just at the steps and the other side opposite the steps. She loves it! Kendra finally got in with her today. It took her several tries to get Darby to jump. Later in the afternoon, the 'uncles' were in with her. She's going to have a very good summer...

Kendra & I got back from Chicago at 11:00 this morning. We originally had a 2:10 flight and we decided since it was Father's Day, we would try to get home earlier. We woke up early and decided to head to the airport. We were the first 2 on standby and got on the 8:55 flight. (Kendra just knew we'd be there till 2:00!)

We had a wonderful trip. We flew into Midway and took the L downtown. Turned out the subway station was all of 1/2 block from where we were staying at the Palmer House. It is a beautiful hotel and a great location, being that close to the L.

Friday's arrival got us there with just enough time to check in, change and head out again. It started raining really hard, so we took a cab to the restaurant. We'd called from the airport and got reservations at Adobo Grill (Wicker Park). It was absolutely awesome. They make the fresh guacamole at your table...yum. We had plenty of time, ate slowly and tried a bunch of things. We waddled our way next door to 2nd City for a comedy act. It was sooo funny. Some people left at intermission (guess they don't have the warped/deranged sense of humor we do) but it was worth staying till the 1:00 a.m. conclusion. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Yarn shopping was on the agenda for Saturday. We'd bought 3 day subway passes so we headed to the L in search of Bongo's (on Roosevelt) for brunch. We both had the BLT Eggs Benedict (with spinach instead of lettuce). What a fantastic meal. Well worth the 30 min. wait.

After brunch we started walking to a yarn shop, Knitwerks on Wabash Ave.. Ended up being a lot further than we thought, but we made it there. Very nice lady, lovely yarns and samples. Turned out, there was a subway station just a few blocks from there. Ahh...a ride to our next location. Next we headed to the Wicker Park area to Knit 1. Beautiful shop, awesome owner. (we even got to meet her hubby and darling little girls) I purchased 2 skeins of Cascade Venezie worsted for a baby sweater. She even gave me the pattern she designed. Kendra got a beautiful blue/brown yarn for a cowl. We both bought a holder for our KnitPicks Harmony needle set. We would both definitely enjoy another trip to Knit 1.

The fun part was on the L on the way back to the hotel. We got on with 7 guys (college age). It was quite obvious they were having a good time and had already enjoyed a few beers. At first I thought they were just 'faking' an Irish accent. After one comment we overheard, we started laughing, and that started up a conversation. One guy asked Kendra if she had a job. When she answered 'yes' he said he hated her. Another asked what she did. After telling him she explained Medicare to old people, he asked if he could work there! I told him he'd have to move to Ohio, and that's when we realized they really were from Ireland...they asked where Ohio was! Turns out, they've been in Chicago for a month and are looking for some kind of employment so they can afford to stay the rest of the summer. They got off several stops before us and were meeting up with some others to go the beach...trying to figure out how they could get beer on the beach. (Kendra suggested buying a coffee mug w/lid...boy she makes me proud!!)

Last night's dinner was the recommendation of the Concierge at the hotel. He made reservations for me at A Mano, an Italian restaurant about 6 blocks from the Palmer House, so we walked. We shared an arugula salad, Kendra had spaghetti/meatballs and I had lasagna. We both agreed that we should never have shared the salad. It was the best salad I've ever had in my life!! It had a lemon vinaigrette and the greens were sooo fresh...wish I would have had an entire one myself. (even thought of getting one for dessert)

After dinner we strolled back to the hotel. It was such a lovely evening. We decided on dessert at the hotel lounge. Then is was off to early bed (well at least early compared to Friday night)

We'd thought of taking a trolley tour, but didn't. Ended up we saw so much of the city by just taking the different lines of the subway. I think we were on 4 different lines. We both agreed that we'd go back (together) again, next time staying away from downtown in one of the little quaint areas. Kendra's actually going back the 1st week of August for work...not as much fun as with mom!

For Father's Day we cooked brats on the grill, had potato salad (picked up from Whole Food...quite awful tasting...should have made it myself) and threw some beans in a pan and cooked it on the grill. Kendra made salsa and we had ice cream and black raspberry sauce for dessert.

I am currently sitting at the patio table, enjoying a nice breeze. Our backyard (and those of our neighbors) have so many beautiful trees that have grown so much in the 6 years we've lived here. Can hardly see any of the other houses, sure doesn't seem like I'm in the burbs.

I've decided I need a new toy. I want to get The Demy. It's a digital recipe storage unit. It's pretty much like a Kindle. I figured if DH can have his new can I. I've already set up a free account with keyingredient and have entered some of my recipes. I was even telling Bill not long ago that I needed to come up with something to organize recipes. Now I know how! to enter more recipes so I'm ready when I get my toy...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Still Alive!

Well...I've actually kept this hanging petunia alive for a month now! DH gave it to me for Mother's Day. I really should give him some of the 'keeping alive' credit since he seems to water and dead-head more than I do. On a sunny day they're even more stunning. (I took the picture at 8:30 p.m. so there was no sunshine)

The trick will be in the next several days. Bill left today and headed to the boat then off to dinner with some friends, Tomorrow he has a speaking engagement...his last before retiring the end of the month. He's not sure when he'll be home. Kendra & I leave for our Girl's Weekend in Chicago on Friday afternoon. Parker's taking us to the airport, then he's heading to Wooster for a weekend wedding of a college buddy. So, looks like we'll have to rely on 'dog-sitting' Uncle Marshall to remember to come out and water my beautiful plant. Oh, sure hope DH comes home early!

Saturday in Chicago is now geared to 'yarn shop' browsing. There seems to be a cluster of them in the downtown area that we should be able to walk to. (we do a lot of walking on our trips) We're not checking luggage so that will keep us from buying too much!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More FINISHED projects

Here's the towel (Mason Dixon) and dishcloths I made using the new organic cotton (worsted weight) from KnitPicks. I wasn't planning on posting pictures, but my dear sister Jan MADE me! I really like the way the towel turned out and will be a making more.
Today I've been working on a prototype of a recipe box I've designed. Yes, you'll see pictures...Jan has shamed me into uploading more. (and she's the baby sister)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knitting Frenzie

I've been knitting like crazy with the KnitPicks new cotton yarn.

Here's the Market Bag I just finished. (the pattern was free with my Market Bag kit and organic cotton I purchased from KnitPicks) I really like how it turned out. I plan to use it as my carry-on bag when Kendra & I head to Chicago next week.

Dishcloths and a hanging towel were also the products of the yarn but I didn't think they warranted a picture...rather boring.

Bill is definitely his mother's son. He's really enjoying his bird feeders. Here's one of the yellow finches that come around. He's still working on getting a good picture of the pair of cardinals that keep hanging out in our backyard. Earlier in the week we even had a hummingbird. At first, the hummingbird went to my petunias (hanging next to the feeder), then it found the sugar water solution. I've never before seen a hummingbird eat and NOT flap their wings. It was actually just hovering by the feeder. We could really see how tiny they are. Now that would have been an awesome picture.