Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knitting Frenzie

I've been knitting like crazy with the KnitPicks new cotton yarn.

Here's the Market Bag I just finished. (the pattern was free with my Market Bag kit and organic cotton I purchased from KnitPicks) I really like how it turned out. I plan to use it as my carry-on bag when Kendra & I head to Chicago next week.

Dishcloths and a hanging towel were also the products of the yarn but I didn't think they warranted a picture...rather boring.

Bill is definitely his mother's son. He's really enjoying his bird feeders. Here's one of the yellow finches that come around. He's still working on getting a good picture of the pair of cardinals that keep hanging out in our backyard. Earlier in the week we even had a hummingbird. At first, the hummingbird went to my petunias (hanging next to the feeder), then it found the sugar water solution. I've never before seen a hummingbird eat and NOT flap their wings. It was actually just hovering by the feeder. We could really see how tiny they are. Now that would have been an awesome picture.

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