Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sock blank update

Well, I'm still working on the socks and loving how they're turning out. Only have about 1/2 of the cuffs to do and I'll be done. Too many other things kept me from doing much knitting this week. We're going out to dinner tonight before the Ohio State tonight and my plan is to plop down when we get home and knit during the game. Using the sock blanks is such a painless, simple way to knit up socks. Those people at KnitPicks are geniuses!!

Tomorrow's agenda includes blocking. I've never blocked the EZ sweater I made for a class I took late last winter. It's shorter sleeves should be perfect for our trip in 2 weeks to Crystal Coast (Emerald Isle) of NC. I also need to stitch up 2 short seams on the Lotus Blossom tank I made. It, too, will be going on vacation with me. We're downloading some books on the ipod to listen to in the car, which will make for great knitting listening. My current plan is to do lace knitting for the car ride. Plan B will be socks and Plan C will be dishcloths. I still need to do some net-surfing for LYS near where we're staying. Bill is great about stopping at them...guess I've trained him well.

Off to get ready for dinner at Bravo's.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Darby Update

Kendra's puppy, Darby, is an absolute cutie! She's such a smart little girl. She's not quite 3 months old, having been with Kendra 4 weeks, and pretty much has the potty training down. Kendra was home sick (most of the week) 2 weeks ago that's when Darby realized if she sat by the back door & cried a little, she'd get to go outside to do her thing. Last weekend Bill, Kendra and Parker worked with her and taught her how to find the steps in the swimming pool so she can get out herself. She still hasn't jumped in, but that will come. She's grown so much Kendra had to enlarge her 'room' (aka crate), buy her a larger collar and longer leash. Just like 'people babies', she's growing way too fast!

Sock Blank Knitting

1/2 way there!! I've got the socks almost half done, only having several more rows of decrease on the gusset. By essentially dyeing the sock blank (KnitPicks) in (about) 2 equal parts it's going to work perfectly for the cuff to be different from the foot. It amazes me how this whole process is working. If I'm lazy enough tomorrow I should be able to knock out a good portion of the cuff. I need to go on a shopping trip to find the perfect pair of shoes for my scarlet and gray socks. I've got the start of another KnitPicks order and am definitely getting another sock blank, more dye and do it all again.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dyeing Sock Blanks

Kendra and I dyed some KnitPicks sock blanks on Sunday. We both did scarlet and gray, making our own designs. It was so much easier than we thought and we didn't make a mess at all! I downloaded the freebie toe-up-2-at-a-time pattern from KnitPicks and really like the directions for the cast on, especially since it's NOT a provisional cast on. I'm almost to the heel flap (another plus with it being a flap, not short rows). The way I dyed the yarn, the cuff should look totally different from the foot. I'm anxious to get them done! I can see that dyeing could easily become yet another addiction.

We leave for Emerald Isle (Outer Banks area) the last week of the month. I can hardly wait!! I really need a vacation. We've rented a house right on the ocean. I will be content to just sitting, looking at the water with either knitting or a book in my hand. My major stress of the day will be when we determine where to go for dinner! I've decided to try some lace knitting for the trip. Since we're driving, I'll get that much more knitting in. I've got the yarn and pattern. The plan is to get it cast on and all the markers placed before we leave. I'm sure there will be some sock yarn in my bag, too.