Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well, another year is over. Can't believe it's New Year's Eve already!

We're going to the Ohio State basketball game at 4:00, then going out for Mexican food. On our way home, we're making a surprise visit to Kendra's to pick up Darby for the night. She and her siblings, along with numerous friends, are meeting at her house tonight before they head to a local 'watering hole' which they can walk to. I'm sure she'll owe me big time for taking the puppy off her hands!

I put my knitting 'away' last week when I was cleaning for a Christmas party at our house. I haven't gotten a single project out yet. Can't believe I've gone almost a week with no knitting...that's a first. I might have to dig something out to take along to the basketball game this afternoon.

Happy New Year!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My anniversary

Today is my 34th wedding anniversary. Bill & I went to the Worthington Inn for their Sunday brunch. It was very nice. We both agreed that the desserts were the best part of the the buffet...and we usually don't eat desserts in a restaurant.

After we left the restaurant, we went to my LYS so I could get the yarn and pattern for my lace class that starts Tuesday. It's so hard to pick out a color! I wanted something neutral, thinking maybe an off-white or very light beige. I ended up with a gray/brown. Depends on what you put it next to, what color it is. It's 70% merino/30% linen. I need to wind the yarn and copy the pattern before Tuesday. The class is at 6:00 so I'll probably just head to there straight from work and get in a little more knitting time.

My office moved Friday so I didn't get the day after Thanksgiving off. I also ended up taking Parker with me and going Saturday morning (instead of going to the Ohio State basketball game with Bill) for about 4 hours to get more things put away. At least my office is put together. Now to get the rest done...

Parker starts his job tomorrow. Hooray! It's not what he wants, but at least it's a paycheck until he finds an accounting job. He'll be working for a firm that does collections. He'll have 2 weeks of training before he actually starts.

Time to put together another menu plan. November's went very well. I think there was only 1 day that we forgot to get something out of the freezer and had to improvise our menu. It really is nice having a plan and knowing what's for dinner. Marshall's proably coming over more in December so I told him he could help in the planning. Now to get Bill off the computer that's hooked up to the printer so I can print a calendar.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lace Knitting

I'm plugging away on my shawl. I've essentially put the lace weight yarn one away for now and am working with the worsted weight. I've frogged as much (or more?!) as I've knitted. Those damn 'yarn overs' are driving me crazy! The row after the yo I seem to miss one of the extra stitches and of course I don't realize it until the next row when my stitch cound is off. I will prevail...and I will be the winner. My lace knitting class starts in 3 weeks so maybe the instructor can give me some pointers. But...I can see it could very much be another addiction.

I actually made a menu plan today. I used to do it when the kids were little, then got away from it. I've been thinking about it for awhile. Then today Bill mentioned we should do one, that way he could do more cooking, knowing what to cook. So...I pretty much immediately sat down and did one for the next 2 weeks, Sundays thru Thursdays. Of course he said 'we' should do one, but he didn't contribute any ideas!! But...if he'll cook...

Saturday, November 1, 2008

What happened to October? I think all I did was go to work and come home and crash. (it's been extremely busy at work)

No, that's not true. Parker's been hired (temporary) by the McCain Team Ohio. He's finishing up his 3rd week. Almost every evening of his 2nd week, I went to his office about 8:00 to help him with his paper work. That enabled him to get home before 1:00-1:30 a.m. His last day is election day. I'm sure on Wednesday he'll spend the day sleeping. He's targeting the money he's making as his 'move out of the parentals' fund. get a full time job so he can do just that.

My latest knitting addiction is definitely lace knitting. I'm working on 2 shawls, one with lace weight and one in worsted. Of course I'm liking how rapidly the worsted weight is going. I'm also taking a lace class at my favorite LYS in December.

Kendra's puppy is getting so big. Darby is such a pretty thing. She's definitely got a little mind of her own! She's regressing a little in her potty training and it's driving Kendra crazy. I keep reminding her this is pay-back from when she first brought Darby home and there were no accidents. Kendra's got a very long work day next week so we're keeping Darby overnight. I"m sure we'll make a trip to the pet store for some goodies!

I got Kendra's Christmas list several weeks ago...without any prodding. I sent her brothers an email telling them the pressure was on, that I had her list. (I told Parker I didn't expect one from him till after the election) Well, I got one from Marshall. Then I got a text message from him saying he'd like 'several' more pairs of knitted socks. My response was 'Funny, Funny'. When he was over yesterday I told him there was no way I'd have time to make him even 1 pair before Christmas and maybe he should learn to knit himself. I think he likes the idea, but he's afraid I'll have a national ad campaign telling the world that he's knitting! I'll see if I can get him to do a cotton dishcloth for himself...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Emerald Isle, NC

I'm sitting here, looking at the calming ocean waves as I write. There's something humbling about that mass of water.

Bill's out fishing today, deciding to go on a charter for about 6 hours. The weather is suppose to be wonderful so maybe he'll bring back some fish. (he brought a cooler just in case...) He's also been fishing right outside the house we're renting. It amazes me that people can just stand at the water's edge and fish for hours! (he probably thinks the same about my knitting)

Speaking of knitting. My hopes/plans were to sit on the beach, either knitting or reading all week. Well, good laid plans do fail. Before we left home I cast on for the Icarus Shawl. I got tons of knitting in on the car trip and it's looking great (few mistakes, but I can live with them, I challenge non-knitters to find them). However, I didn't take into consideration the 'wetness' of the air. I can only knit outside with the lace weight yarn for about 10-15 min. before it begins to pull from the moisture, making it hard to knit. Damn...I have to do any knitting inside. So...I haven't been outside as much as I thought. But our house is right on the ocean and has great views throughout.

We were driving yesterday, mostly so Bill could find this boat charter place. He pulled on a side street in this quaint town of Swansboro, NC. Low and behold...there was a yarn shop! Since I've got Bill trained quite well, he immediately found a parking spot. (actually, I got out of the car, then realized he was not in a space, and suggested he find a legal spot while I went in the store) It was a small but very nice shop called The Salty Sheep Yarn Shop. Everyone was sooo friendly. Yes, I made some purchases. I got some gorgeous cotton/alpaca blend in a medium blue twead. I first saw this pretty taupe (but I'm working on a cardigan almost the same color) then started grabbing the gray (of course thinking of OSU colors) but put it down convincing my self I need to 'broaden my horizons' and be more colorful. That's when I saw the blue. I bought all they had (6 skeins, 100 grams each), along with some other small purchases and the new Interweave Knits fall addition. Last night I searched ravelry and (think) I found the pullover sweater I want to make. Luck would have it that I actually have the pattern in a book at home! I should have had the nice store owner wind one skein for me so I could at least do a gauge swatch...I'm anxious to see how it knits. I just might have to have Bill hold a skein while I wind it by hand. (he won't care...he's done it before...once again...well trained)

I got my own ipod last week. Said husband has the 'big' one with all the bells/whistles, but he just doesn't seem to share well. I asked him if he thought I'd get it in time if I ordered one from Amazon. Well, he immediately said we should just go to Easton (shopping area) to the Apple store and get one. We got in the car and were in and out of the store in a record 8 minutes! I got the new generation nano in green. I'm actually learing how to download and use it! Marshall's on a mission to burn some things for me...don't want to know if it's 'legal' or 'pirated'...and I gave him some suggestions. Hopefully when we get home he'll have it ready for me.

I've totally become addicted to knitting podcasts. I've been listening to them on "Bill's" ipod, but just never seemed to get my hands on it enough. Now that I've got my own...hooray...I can put all that I want on it. As of now, my two favorites are still KnitPicks and Knitmore Girls but I'm sampling new ones every day.'s really going to be hard to go back to work next week.

Off to a walk on the beach before I continue knitting my shawl.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sock blank update

Well, I'm still working on the socks and loving how they're turning out. Only have about 1/2 of the cuffs to do and I'll be done. Too many other things kept me from doing much knitting this week. We're going out to dinner tonight before the Ohio State tonight and my plan is to plop down when we get home and knit during the game. Using the sock blanks is such a painless, simple way to knit up socks. Those people at KnitPicks are geniuses!!

Tomorrow's agenda includes blocking. I've never blocked the EZ sweater I made for a class I took late last winter. It's shorter sleeves should be perfect for our trip in 2 weeks to Crystal Coast (Emerald Isle) of NC. I also need to stitch up 2 short seams on the Lotus Blossom tank I made. It, too, will be going on vacation with me. We're downloading some books on the ipod to listen to in the car, which will make for great knitting listening. My current plan is to do lace knitting for the car ride. Plan B will be socks and Plan C will be dishcloths. I still need to do some net-surfing for LYS near where we're staying. Bill is great about stopping at them...guess I've trained him well.

Off to get ready for dinner at Bravo's.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Darby Update

Kendra's puppy, Darby, is an absolute cutie! She's such a smart little girl. She's not quite 3 months old, having been with Kendra 4 weeks, and pretty much has the potty training down. Kendra was home sick (most of the week) 2 weeks ago that's when Darby realized if she sat by the back door & cried a little, she'd get to go outside to do her thing. Last weekend Bill, Kendra and Parker worked with her and taught her how to find the steps in the swimming pool so she can get out herself. She still hasn't jumped in, but that will come. She's grown so much Kendra had to enlarge her 'room' (aka crate), buy her a larger collar and longer leash. Just like 'people babies', she's growing way too fast!

Sock Blank Knitting

1/2 way there!! I've got the socks almost half done, only having several more rows of decrease on the gusset. By essentially dyeing the sock blank (KnitPicks) in (about) 2 equal parts it's going to work perfectly for the cuff to be different from the foot. It amazes me how this whole process is working. If I'm lazy enough tomorrow I should be able to knock out a good portion of the cuff. I need to go on a shopping trip to find the perfect pair of shoes for my scarlet and gray socks. I've got the start of another KnitPicks order and am definitely getting another sock blank, more dye and do it all again.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dyeing Sock Blanks

Kendra and I dyed some KnitPicks sock blanks on Sunday. We both did scarlet and gray, making our own designs. It was so much easier than we thought and we didn't make a mess at all! I downloaded the freebie toe-up-2-at-a-time pattern from KnitPicks and really like the directions for the cast on, especially since it's NOT a provisional cast on. I'm almost to the heel flap (another plus with it being a flap, not short rows). The way I dyed the yarn, the cuff should look totally different from the foot. I'm anxious to get them done! I can see that dyeing could easily become yet another addiction.

We leave for Emerald Isle (Outer Banks area) the last week of the month. I can hardly wait!! I really need a vacation. We've rented a house right on the ocean. I will be content to just sitting, looking at the water with either knitting or a book in my hand. My major stress of the day will be when we determine where to go for dinner! I've decided to try some lace knitting for the trip. Since we're driving, I'll get that much more knitting in. I've got the yarn and pattern. The plan is to get it cast on and all the markers placed before we leave. I'm sure there will be some sock yarn in my bag, too.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Girls Weekend

I just got home from Kendra & my 'girls weekend'. This year we went to Philadelphia. We both loved the city and agreed the weekend was way too short and we needed more time.

On our flight, we met Nick. He's from Philadelphia and is spending 4 weeks in Columbus on business (works for Red Roof Inn). He'd been here for 2 weeks and was going home for the weekend. He gave us suggestions on where to go/eat.

We stayed in the Center City part of Philadelphia. It was the perfect location since we could walk to everything we did. Friday night after we checked into our hotel, we ended up at Field House for a philly steak sandwich and to catch up on olympic highlights (and another Michael Phelps win).

The first stop on Saturday was to check out Reading Market (1 block from our hotel) and have breakfast. We then walked to the historical area. We lucked out and went to see the Liberty Bell first, before the long lines appeared. We also toured Independence Hall (had an amazing tour guide), Franklin's grave (that cemetery is huge and beautiful) and just walked around that area. By early afternoon we were ready to sit so we took the 'Ride the Duck' tour. If you're ever in Philadelphia, you must take that tour! Part of the trip is driving through the streets of Philadelphia, then you end up on the Delaware River for a short ride up and down the shore. Once again, we had a great tour guide.

On our walk back to our hotel we once again stopped at Reading Market. We'd seen this fabulous salad bar and got some to take back to our room. After naps and showers, we went for pedicures before dinner. Nick had suggested The Capital Grille but it had a 2 hour wait, so we went across the street to Marathon Grill. The atmosphere was as nice as the food. The weather was perfect and we just walked around a bit. On our way back to the hotel we had dessert at Maggiano's. We were back to our room in time to watch Michael Phelps win his 8th gold metal.

This morning we, once again, ended up at Reading Market and grabbed a bagel and muffins to take with us. The subway was right across the street from the Market and we headed back to the airport. Nick ended up sitting with us on our flight back to Columbus so we gave him some restaurant suggestions for his last two weeks in Columbus.

Even though we didn't go to a single yarn shop, we had a wonderful time, despite the fact it was too short. I definitely want to go back to Philadelphia.

Oh, Kendra survived being away from her puppy for the weekend...and they were both very excited to see each other.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ravelry Swap

Yesterday I received my package from my ravelry 'swap' partner. What thoughtful items she sent! It was all so beautifully wrapped that I didn't want to open it. My swap partner & I 'got each other' and literally 'swapped' gifts. Now I'm anxiously awaiting another swap.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Puppy Info

Ok, I know it's been awhile.

First of all...I have a 'grand-puppy'!! Last Thursday (8/7/08) I drove Kendra (Parker tagged along) 2-1/2 hours to pick up her little girl. Darby (black/white Springer Spaniel, of course) is absolutely precious! She's so soft and pretty. We're all wondering when she'll realize how lucky she is to have Kendra for a mom. Uncles Marshall & Parker are already spoiling her rotten, not to mention Grandpa. Marshall's being a very over-protective uncle, which is no big surprise!

My sister, Susie, has been visiting since last Saturday from southern Illinios. It's been so great having her here. I'll be sad when she leaves tomorrow. We didn't do much, but have had a wonderful time, as usual. Our nephew, TJ, is getting married Sept. 20 and on Sunday we went to Meghan's bridal shower (she got some great gifts). Today I left work at noon and we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch (Parker tried, but we didn't let him go along). Other than that, we've just been hanging out watching the Olympics. I tried to give her knitting lessons, with no luck...maybe some day...

...more later. I've got to watch Michael Phelps win another gold!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Parker's Birthday

Another birthday this week. Parker was 24 on Friday and we celebrated with a BBQ. He picked the menu of ribs, baked beans, portobella mushrooms stuffed with green bean casserole and an awesome pb/chocolate cheesecake that he and I concocted the night before. He also made salsa...he's very good at that!

He had two friends over for dinner then the guys went to see the new Batman.

Now...after 2 in one more birthdays till March.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well...most of the day I kept thinking it was Thursday. Damn. 2 more workdays till the weekend.

We've got all but one of our overhead lights installed. Hooray. The only one left is the new ceiling fan over the kitchen table. I LOVE the kitchen lights I bought at IKEA.

I'm more than ready for another trip to IKEA. I took a vacation day last week and Parker & I headed to Cincinnati. He had a ball, going thru almost every display they had, esp. the kitchens and mock apartments (guess he was dreaming of when he could afford an apartment). I also found bookcases with my name on them. They look very good on my living room to fill them up.

Another birthday this week. Parker said tonight that he wants BBQ ribs on Friday for his big day. Now to figure out what to have with the ribs.

I haven't done any more on my sleeveless top but have been making dishcloths like crazy. Such a good feeling to complete a project very quickly.

Off to watch some tv and knit.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kendra's Birthday

Today my dear Kendra turned 27! We took her to a Mexican restaurant in the Short North then headed back to her house for dessert. Bill & I picked black raspberries yesterday (I've got the scratches on my arm to prove it!) so I made her a pie for her birthday. It was sooo good! The parentals left shortly after dessert and Kendra and her brothers headed out to a local watering hole to meet some friends for some 'birthday cheer'.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy (belated) July 4th

Happy (belated) 4th of July! We watched 'Red, White & Boom' (Columbus fireworks on 7/3) from Bill's office. Great view! It was just the 2 of us, his brother Dick & his wife Sue, along with his sister Jan. Amazing, but we were the only 5 people on the 30th floor. Bill's office faces right where they were doing fireworks. It was nice since this is the last year he'll be there. I did manage to get 2 dishcloths knitted while we were there and Sue & Jan were the recipients.

Bill & Marshall headed up to Cedar Point (the boat) on Friday morning for several days of fishing. Unfortunately, they didn't catch a single walleye and headed back home on Sat. afternoon. All they hooked were sheephead, but they did have fun reeling them in. But...Bill was on Lake Erie on Wed. and brought home walleye for the freezer. After fishing 2 weekends in a row, going out on the lake a total of 5 times, I think he's done with fishing for several weeks!

I spent my time alone in the house plopped on our easy chair, feet on the ottoman, knitting and catching up with tv shows I'd recorded. It's nice being home alone sometimes!! I was hoping it would have been warm enough to float around in the pool, but the water was waaayyy too cold for me.

We're replacing all the overhead lights in our house, along with a ceiling fan in the kitchen eating area and adding a ceiling fan to our bedroom. We made a Lowe's trip yesterday and found (and bought) the ceiling fans since they were on sale. Now to find the rest of the lights. We were really noticing tonight just how ugly/cheap the lights we have are! I might need to take day off work and head to Cincinnati and IKEA for the rest of the lights. I'm sure I'll bring home more than lights from IKEA!! to bed and a book.

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Friday again and I'm sitting in our boat, watching tv and writing this. I got to Cedar Point about 4:30 after a 'state patrol infested' drive I didn't get a ticket! Parker left for home shortly after I got here, after a day of (trying to) fish for walleye.

From our boat, we can see one of the BIG roller coasters. Bill noticed that the line wasn't very long, so we walked into the park so he could ride it. I grabbed my needles/yarn and sat on a bench while he got in line. Must admit, it was the 1st time I knitted in an amusement park. I later took it along with me to dinner. So...since I've gotten here, I started and completed a facecloth using KnitPicks Cotlin. I plan to use it in the shower in the morning.

Last night, being alone in the house all evening, I sat on my butt and got caught up on Days of Our Lives (had over a week's worth to watch) and knitted all evening. It really is nice to be in my house alone and be in control of the remote and be lazy!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love how my KnitPicks sockblanks dyeing turned out! It really worked well to divide the design in half. Makes the cuff/heel different from the feet. I will definitely be making more. Next time I might make a baby sweater with the sockblanks.
Not much going on here. I never got the socks started that I'd planned. My car ride to Cedar Point last Friday consisted of me working on a (2-colored patterned) dishcloth, listening to KnitPicks podcast on the ipod and napping. Once there, we needed a WallyWorld trip and I picked up some cotton Peaches & Cream (worsted), which has now become my new favorite. It's sooo soft and cheap. I started (and since have completed) a Baby Kimono jacket from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. Definitely will be making that one again. Good thing my kids' friends are having babies.

Last night I finished my 4th dishcloth since the weekend, which I really needed. My favorite pattern is CO 25, do some sort of pattern, or just garter stitch, and make it square. I love the smaller size. I usually make them in white or cream since I'm a 'bleach freak' but made these in dark colors. We'll see if I can stand NOT to bleach them!

I'm off to Cedar Point again this weekend but, unfortunately, I'll be driving up myself so no knitting on the trip. Bill and Parker are going up Thurs. afternoon and are going fishing on Friday (with my boss and his son) so I'll head up after work on Fri. Since Parker's driving home either Fri. night or Sat. he'll take my van so I'll at least get some knitting time in on the ride home. We've got friends coming up on Sat. (more fishing) but I'll have the sticks/strings not pole/line. My theory is for what a fishing license costs, I can buy that much in yarn! Weather permitting, we're going to Put In Bay for dinner Sat. night, which should be fun.


Reality has set in...I'm off to work.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Well Crap...I'm going to have to 'frog' my entire green summer top. The yarn was way too soft and flowing (seemed to stretch) and I just don't have the boobs to fill it up! My gauge was perfect, just too drapey of a finished product. Now I'll have to figure out what to do with the yarn since it was sooo nice to knit with. A new search for a different yarn, using the same pattern I just finished, since I love the pattern I did. I just knew it was going together to well!!!

I started on another top (Interweave Knits) using KnitPicks Cotlin in 'Creme Brulee' and so far, so good. It's a rather challenging pattern in that I've got to PAY ATTENTION to the pattern...not one I can aimlessly knit while in front of the tv. Definitely need lots of markers for the pattern repeat. Better luck with this one.

I'm finally making it to the boat this weekend so I'll be needing to get a pair of socks started since they are the perfect small project to carry with me everywhere. Think this time I'll do 2-at-a-time-on-1-needle. The weather forcast for Cedar Point is perfect so don't know if I'll get much done except on the car ride there. I get off work early so it will be a nice weekend getaway.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We just got back from Athens and Parker's graduation. (pictures at end of blog) The keynote speaker was awesome! It was Peter King, writer for Sports Illustrated and Ohio University alumni. His speech was short, to the point and had everyone listening to every word. Now all Parker needs to do is take the CPA exam and find a job! It was sooo much fun moving him out of his apartment. He thought he had until tomorrow, but had to be out today. Of course, he wasn't ready but we did manage to get everything loaded up before we headed home. He'll be home tomorrow (had to have one last night partying with his friends) and will have fun unpacking everything.

I managed to get the back of my summer top done on the trip down to Athens, only to realize I forgot to switch to smaller needles for the last 5 rows. Guess I'll be busy frogging, might even do it out by the pool. Hoping to have it blocked and ready to wear to work next week. Yeah!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ahhh...the weather is sooo nice today. Marshall came over for dinner and we sat outside and ate. I just brought the laptop out and am sitting on the deck, looking at the very inviting pool. Water temp is a nice 82 today so I might have to take a dip later.

I got the front of my 'Emerald Seas' top done and it looks awesome. Started on the back (3 times before I counted right) and it's coming along. Don't know how much I'll get done this week, but will be heading to Athens on Saturday for Parker's graduation so I'll get hours of knitting in. I am hoping to have it completed by the end of the weekend. Still haven't decided what my next project will be but I'm getting tired making socks (but they are a good car riding project to have on hand at all times). I really like knitting with the Debbie Bliss yarn and might have to order some more from for something else. Summer tops are almost like 'instant gratification' they get done so quickly.

I'm off to work on cleaning out Parker's closet so he can have room for all his stuff. I'm sure I'll make at least one trip to the 'donation box' right down the street. I'm sure he won't miss a thing!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I got several inches of my summer top done today at the hairdresser while my hair was cooking. I found the pattern, Emerald Seas, on knitty and it's looking pretty good. I was telling David (said hairdresser) about the purses Jan & I designed on my trip to Phoenix. When I told him she was going to be selling the patterns on her website, he said we should make them...saying we could probably get $1,000-2,000 for an original design, sewn up. WOW...if anyone out there knows of someone who would like us to sew up an original bag for that...PLEASE let me know, I'll even ship it free!!

Tomorrow after work I'm heading to Athens (Ohio) to take Parker (child #3) to dinner, shop at the bookstore (don't know if I'll ever get back to Athens) and bring back a load of stuff...probably all dirty clothes! He graduates next Saturday (Ohio University) and this will enable him to fit the rest of his stash in his car when he comes home. Oh, I'm psyching myself up to having a child return home and messing up my domain. Let's hope he finds a job, saves $$ and moves into an apartment soon!! (really...I will love having him around for awhile)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We had a party at work today and I definitely suffered from 'sugar/carb overload! Ate waaayyy too much pizza and cake, which made me very lazy when I got home. Therefore, I didn't do much when I got home except finish a book, spend time on and eat some strawberries that DH went and picked. Better luck tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I just designed another to sew up the proto-type and send pictures to my sister, Jan. She and I designed several bags while I was in Phoenix visiting her over Memorial Day. Boy, did we do good! Her website is under construction, planned to be up and running this month. Check it out and see the purses we did (my favorite was the 'Vacation Bag'), along with her other original designs.
One of my passions is knitting. I'm constantly working on numerous projects and always have at least one pair of socks on needles. I change from dpn to long circulars, doing 2-socks-a-one-time-on-1-needle (this way, both socks are the same size!).

This week I started on a lime green summer top for myself, having found the pattern on Knitty. When I'm more organized I'll post pictures.