Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love how my KnitPicks sockblanks dyeing turned out! It really worked well to divide the design in half. Makes the cuff/heel different from the feet. I will definitely be making more. Next time I might make a baby sweater with the sockblanks.
Not much going on here. I never got the socks started that I'd planned. My car ride to Cedar Point last Friday consisted of me working on a (2-colored patterned) dishcloth, listening to KnitPicks podcast on the ipod and napping. Once there, we needed a WallyWorld trip and I picked up some cotton Peaches & Cream (worsted), which has now become my new favorite. It's sooo soft and cheap. I started (and since have completed) a Baby Kimono jacket from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book. Definitely will be making that one again. Good thing my kids' friends are having babies.

Last night I finished my 4th dishcloth since the weekend, which I really needed. My favorite pattern is CO 25, do some sort of pattern, or just garter stitch, and make it square. I love the smaller size. I usually make them in white or cream since I'm a 'bleach freak' but made these in dark colors. We'll see if I can stand NOT to bleach them!

I'm off to Cedar Point again this weekend but, unfortunately, I'll be driving up myself so no knitting on the trip. Bill and Parker are going up Thurs. afternoon and are going fishing on Friday (with my boss and his son) so I'll head up after work on Fri. Since Parker's driving home either Fri. night or Sat. he'll take my van so I'll at least get some knitting time in on the ride home. We've got friends coming up on Sat. (more fishing) but I'll have the sticks/strings not pole/line. My theory is for what a fishing license costs, I can buy that much in yarn! Weather permitting, we're going to Put In Bay for dinner Sat. night, which should be fun.


Reality has set in...I'm off to work.

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