Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Friday again and I'm sitting in our boat, watching tv and writing this. I got to Cedar Point about 4:30 after a 'state patrol infested' drive I didn't get a ticket! Parker left for home shortly after I got here, after a day of (trying to) fish for walleye.

From our boat, we can see one of the BIG roller coasters. Bill noticed that the line wasn't very long, so we walked into the park so he could ride it. I grabbed my needles/yarn and sat on a bench while he got in line. Must admit, it was the 1st time I knitted in an amusement park. I later took it along with me to dinner. So...since I've gotten here, I started and completed a facecloth using KnitPicks Cotlin. I plan to use it in the shower in the morning.

Last night, being alone in the house all evening, I sat on my butt and got caught up on Days of Our Lives (had over a week's worth to watch) and knitted all evening. It really is nice to be in my house alone and be in control of the remote and be lazy!!

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