Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well...most of the day I kept thinking it was Thursday. Damn. 2 more workdays till the weekend.

We've got all but one of our overhead lights installed. Hooray. The only one left is the new ceiling fan over the kitchen table. I LOVE the kitchen lights I bought at IKEA.

I'm more than ready for another trip to IKEA. I took a vacation day last week and Parker & I headed to Cincinnati. He had a ball, going thru almost every display they had, esp. the kitchens and mock apartments (guess he was dreaming of when he could afford an apartment). I also found bookcases with my name on them. They look very good on my living room to fill them up.

Another birthday this week. Parker said tonight that he wants BBQ ribs on Friday for his big day. Now to figure out what to have with the ribs.

I haven't done any more on my sleeveless top but have been making dishcloths like crazy. Such a good feeling to complete a project very quickly.

Off to watch some tv and knit.

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