Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lace Knitting

I'm plugging away on my shawl. I've essentially put the lace weight yarn one away for now and am working with the worsted weight. I've frogged as much (or more?!) as I've knitted. Those damn 'yarn overs' are driving me crazy! The row after the yo I seem to miss one of the extra stitches and of course I don't realize it until the next row when my stitch cound is off. I will prevail...and I will be the winner. My lace knitting class starts in 3 weeks so maybe the instructor can give me some pointers. But...I can see it could very much be another addiction.

I actually made a menu plan today. I used to do it when the kids were little, then got away from it. I've been thinking about it for awhile. Then today Bill mentioned we should do one, that way he could do more cooking, knowing what to cook. So...I pretty much immediately sat down and did one for the next 2 weeks, Sundays thru Thursdays. Of course he said 'we' should do one, but he didn't contribute any ideas!! But...if he'll cook...

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