Monday, March 30, 2009


...another month gone by. March has left me rather stagnant in my knitting. I did start an off-white lace shawl. Said I'd never do 'damn yarn-overs' again, but guess what? Yes, it's got them. I'm hoping that this pattern will be better and won't drive me too crazy.

Yesterday offspring #1 was over. He reminded me that I never made the pj's/robe I promised. I gave him 2 pieces of flannel for Christmas. To be quite honest, I completely forgot about it. So, I made him get the pattern and help me cut out the pieces. The fabric is currently on the dining room table, waiting to be cut. My excuse now is the need to buy some interfacing. (if I wait long enough, it will be too warm for him to wear them and I'll have a few more months to procrastinate!)

I've become addicted to books on tape. DH borrows from the library. The First Patient was really good. I'm almost finished listening to Deep Waters. It sure makes for a better commute than listening to the same radio channels. (I'm not lucky enough to have satellite radio) I'm also re-reading all of the Kathleen Woodiwiss books, in order. I've got to quit reading them...I don't want to do anything else!

March brought yet another birthday...mine. Bill & I went to Benihana the night before, then we took all 3 kids to Cap City Diner on my birthday. Way too much food, but it was all great, esp. the chocolate cake from Cap City.

Off to do a few things before Jack Bauer is on.

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