Tuesday, June 28, 2011

All Done

Here's the finished mystery shawl, blocking away on the patio table.  Before blocking, I always soak my knitted item in hair conditioner first. This shawl turned out exceptionally soft.

LOVE IT!  It's the perfect size to throw over my shoulders when going to a freezing restaurant.  Also the right size for just a little tied scarf.

The mystery shawl was so much fun, I decided to whip this up the following weekend.  It's a bit larger, personally not a fan of the beige (but it was in my stash) and turned out great.

This was knit several years ago...just never got around to taking pictures until now. 

Stephen West is the designer of  Daybreak, done up in scarlet/gray for my Ohio State Buckeyes.  I wear this one a LOT in place of a coat.

On my needles now (actually one of the things on needles) is Spectra, an awesome new design by Stephen West.

I was working on 2 separate shawls with the yarns.  After seeing the new design from Stephen, I frogged both and put the 2 yarns together.

...ok, I realize I have a shawl problem.

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