Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Scream, You Scream...

THIS is what I've been doing lately.  Okay...this is what I've been obsessed with lately!

We've had (2) Cuisinart ice cream makers (the kind you freeze the bowl) for awhile.  Why two?  Seems like Bill & I had the same idea one year for Christmas.  He & Marshall used the one he got for me several times before wrapping it!  At the time, they were in Columbus & Parker & I were still in Delphos (Kendra was at Ohio University) we decided to keep both for each house.

Time travel 10 years forward.  One random day, we both realized an ice cream machine with a compressor would make our lives much happier. (I know, we're quite pathetic and need to 'get a life')

Then last month, Bill, Marshall & I went out one Sunday and picked black raspberries, then stopped to picked up some vanilla ice cream on the way home, planning on having said berries over the ice cream.  After we ate our treat (which was quite tasty by the way), Bill hopped on the computer, went to Amazon and ordered the above ice cream maker.

And THAT is what is on my mind 38 hours a cream concoctions!

I've found the perfect custard base and have made numerous batches of the luscious frozen goodies.
Vanilla Bean
Black Raspberry
Chocolate w/Peanut Butter chunks
Vanilla w/Chocolate/Butterscotch Swirl
Chocolate with Peanut Butter/Hot Fudge chunks
Butterfinger w/Chocolate/Caramel Swirl
Burnt Butter Caramel
Beer (that was a total bust...even for the people in the family who love those awful microbrews [and was eaten by the garbage disposal])
Wendy's Frosty Ice Cream

And do you think I even thought of taking a picture of all that ice cream I've made???!!  I promise to post some photos...and recipes...soon.

Then there was the day I went with Parker to pick black raspberries.  His froze his stash and is going to use them for either his home-brewed beer...or homemade wine.  But that's a whole other blog post!! in search of ice cream ideas

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