Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm on a roll...

I love this baby quilt!!  I've always wanted to do my favorite block, Drunkard's Path, and now I have.  I even like the 'mistake'.  Since this was a 'let's play' project, there's no recipient at the current time.  I will definitely be doing another Drunkard's Path quilt!!  The circles are really fun!

I have one happy son with this one!!  This is my variation on Rail Fence.  I pieced it all together several years ago, but just recently found a long arm quilter (who is affordable).  I delivered it several days ago.  Yes, that's the top of his 6'6" body sticking out the top as he's holding it up for the photo op (in his living room). to work on another quilting project.

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