Thursday, January 8, 2009

More socks...

Well, it's January 8th and I've completed 4 socks (that sounds like more than 2 pair) and I've started on the BIG ones. Yes, I've begun the pair for Parker's size 15 feet. I'm using KnitPicks Felici in Dakota and doing 2-at-once-on-one needle.

When Parker got home from work today, I made him take his socks off so I could measure what I'd done, to see how much more I needed to work on the toe before I was done with the increases. Low and was right where it needed to be to stop the increases and work on the (loonnnggg) foot. They are turning out really neat. The colorway has earthy tones, along with a little pit of purple. Yes, he likes it. This is the boy that has a very pink dress shirt (hey...who can ridicule a guy that's 6'6" and weighs over 260lbs). With the other knitting that I know I'll end up doing, I'm hoping to have the foot part done by the 3rd week in Feb. when Bill & I head to Daphne AL to visit my dear sister Jo and hubby Dick. Since we're driving, that will give me plenty of sock knitting time.

I met several other (ravelry) knitters at lunch yesterday. We're going to try to meet the 1st and 3rd Wed. of the month. I felt like the 'mother hen' since they were all young enough to be my daughters! But, we had a great time and I look forward to our next lunch/knitting together.

Kendra's going with her dad to the Ohio State basketball game tomorrow evening so I'll actually get to catch up on some dvr watching. This time of the year it seems like most of the tv watching is college basketball or shows we record and fast-forward thru the commercials. (we'd be very hard pressed to watch a regular show and watch the commercials)

3 more days till Jack Bauer. Hooray! I know Marshall's coming over to watch on the big tv, but I'm not sure about Kendra. She came over to watch Redemption, so I'm assuming she'll be over both Sunday & Monday night and bring little miss Darby with her.

Speaking of Darby. She now has her official name. It is Darbocet SH Spotsworth. We all know that Darbocet is because she can be a royal pain, SH is for the 'shit head' she can sometimes be, and Spotsworth for Maggie's legacy to live on.

One of these days I'll actually takes pictures of my completed projects and post them...

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Jan said...

FOUR socks?! It's only January 10! You're making me look like a slacker. Yes, you do NEED to post pictures of your completed projects. Maybe that would motivate me. I still need to clean up my mess of a studio so I can do more. Want to come help?!