Monday, July 31, 2017

Another for the little dude...

This past weekend was another 'road trip' for Olga, my friend over at Okay Let's Go Quilting, and me. This time we took a short trip up to the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, leaving early Friday morning and returning late Saturday afternoon.

Having a great time drooling over fabric! 

We stayed at Weber's which was awesome!!  Our first floor room had a 'back door' that led right to the indoor hot tub and pool (good thing we thought to bring swimsuits)!! We even decided to have dinner at the attached restaurant...makes it better for having a few cocktails..

Our main goal of the weekend was to go to the Wool & Wine Festival at Sandhill Crane Winery. Personally, I thought it was very over-rated.  Yes, it was fun to go there...but for yarn shopping, not so much.

I think I found my all time favorite quilt shop!!  It is Ann Arbor Sewing Center.  It was so well organized, perfect for my OCD!!  So many wonderful fabrics.  I've never seen that many solids in one place...all organized by color and shades.  We were there Friday and my brain was on overload.  We went back first thing Saturday morning and I bought my stash.

I found this absolutely adorable fabric for another pillowcase for my granddude, Grant.  This has got to be the most adorable one I've made so far!!  For you nay-sayers...I know there should be nothing in the crib...but...he's 1-1/2 yrs old and loves his feather pillow, which isn't that 'fluffy'.  In this picture it is on a regular pillow from my house in his crib here.  The pillowcase was once again done with the burrito method.

Olga & I already have several more trips in the planning stages...

Gotta love those girlfriends!!!💗

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