Thursday, August 13, 2009

MY New Toy

Well...I've had my new toys for 2 weeks now and love, love, love it! The Demy (see previous post) is the best invention. I've already got about 100 recipes on it. Plus I've figured out how to put knitting pattern on it, too. Hooray!!!

I was in another yarn/tea swap on ravelry and got some absolutely wonderful Peruvian alpaca, in an off white. I just had to cast on that oh-so-soft yarn. I'm doing a very simple shawl (free pattern on ravelry). That put Parker's purple socks on the back burner for a few days. I've almost got his socks to the heel flap, then several more miles of knitting the size 15 socks. Between stretch marks and knitting miles of socks...he's definitely indebted to me.

Heading up to the boat tomorrow. Friends are coming on Saturday. The 2 guys are dropping us off at Put-In-Bay while they fish. We plan to rent a golf cart and drool at the houses, plus do a little shopping, then join the guys for lunch. Weather forecast is in our favor so it should be a very enjoyable trip.

Less than a month till vacation and I can hardly wait. We're going to the very northern part of the Outer Banks to Corolla Beach. I'm leaving Friday (Sept. 11) after work with Parker, Kendra & Darby. We'll stay somewhere (that takes dogs) and finish the trip on Sat. Bill & Marshall are staying to go to the OSU/USC (night) game on Sat., then head east. I'm sure they won't go too far before they stop. They'll get to the beach house on Sunday. By the time they get there, we'll have all the grocery shopping done and be all settled in. We're having a family meeting soon to plan our menus and pick meals to cook. We've all pretty much agreed that we'd rather buy some great food and cook it at the beach house...why leave a house that has such a great view of the ocean?! It's going to be a lazy vacation for all. I'm sure the guys will get some fishing in and Kendra & I will do some serious knitting. Kendra's really looking forward to introducing Darby to the ocean. (as much as she likes our pool...she'll love chasing tennis balls on the beach) to finish some laundry.

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