Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally Back!

Boy, where have I been?

September brought our family to vacation (oceanfront house) on Corolla Beach, NC. We all had a wonderful time, especially Darby. Her maiden voyage to the beach was her heaven! The beach we were on was very dog-friendly and she ran to her heart's content, made a few (pooch) friends and slept very well (mostly with Uncle Parker to the disappointment of her mom). Most of the week she was at least 'damp' and loved it. She did encounter her first set of burrs and had to have a little ear-trim. Because of that, on her short jaunt to the steps that led to the beach, she had to be on a leash...after that she was free to run!! We were all totally lazy and did nothing, which is what we all needed. I managed to start/complete a shawl while being introduced to hours of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (what a hoot that show is!!) We took turns cooking and only went out to dinner our last night there. (what a treat to be in a house with 2 dishwashers!)

October slipped right by, with me still working on the BigFoot socks. The last day of the month, 20 minutes before I was to leave work for the week, I lost my job. I'm not going into the details, but it kind of sucks to get fired when you did nothing wrong. But...I was a great, loyal employee and it's definitely their loss. Bill & I went into the office over that weekend, loaded up my personal things, deleted stuff from my computer, left my keys and I was out of there.

Now I'm wondering how I had the time to work full-time! My 1st week of unemployment was just relaxing around the house. Then I went to Lexington, KY to my sister's (Susie) to help her pack up for her move to Chicago. Came home and 4 days later went to Florida to visit Bill's sister, Jan, and was there a week. Thanksgiving took us to Union, KY to my niece's for the holiday. This past week, Susie came to Columbus to visit us and left yesterday.

Oh, I almost forgot about our new 'toys'. We got a new refrigerator and stove (gas...hooray) and I love them. There was a little glitch and we ended up having to have BOTH of them replaced with new ones. Bill says that's why they're so takes 2 appliances to get a good one! We've pretty much used all the gadgets on the oven and tried all the features. Even though we both enjoy appliances sure makes it more fun.

Now I need to get my act together and finish decorating for Christmas. The tree is (almost) done. St. Nick comes tonight (yes, my dear offspring think they still need their stockings filled & their annual Christmas mug). But, that requires putting the stockings UP. (Parker just reminded me that the stockings need to go up so they can be filled...they never grow up!)

Luckily, I don't have much shopping to do this year. The kids all seem to want big ticket items, that they need to pick out, (aka not getting wrapped) so it will look a little bare under the tree. Kendra & I are going out this Thursday, then Marshall & I are doing a day next week. I actually got a 'verbal' list from Parker...guess that's better than nothing.

I'm about to get a good laugh. Parker's going to an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party. He raided my closet, found a long, v-neck cardigan (complete with shoulder pads)from about 15ish years ago. He's got a cranberry dress shirt to go with it and dug out a Christmas tie from Bill's closet. He plans to wear the tie short so everyone can see the Santa + the Tabasco bottle that's on the bottom of the tie. Unfortunetly, I gave my camera to Marshall yesterday, but Parker promised me he'd have someone take a picture so I can see. I'm sure by tomorrow someone will have posted some on Facebook. to find the stockings to hang.

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