Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yesterday we had my family's 'Thanksmas' (combination of Thanksgiving & Christmas). We were at my oldest sister's. It was a very enjoyable day. Marshall & Kendra had a wedding to go to, so they didn't go with us. The food was great...the company even better.

Oh...I finished the BigFoot Socks!!!!! They turned our great! I'm sure Parker will be wearing them to work tomorrow.

He cracks me up! We got our 'family' Christmas present this week, a Blu Ray player. The guys were fiddling with it and Bill ended up putting on a knitting You Tube. I said something to Parker about learning to knit so he could make his own socks. He said that's NOT what he wants to make. Get this...he wants to make a pair of sweat pants!!! Said he'd love to wear his hand knit sweater, socks and sweats!! He was trying to figure out what color to make. my mission is to actually get him to knit. ...updates to follow.

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