Friday, May 14, 2010

Room Update

We've decided on new carpet in all the bedrooms (hoping for living/dining room, too). Moved all my sewing paraphernalia into our guest room and painted last Sunday. Everything's on hold while we wait for the carpet. Got one estimate yesterday and other is coming in today.

So...I might have to move one of my machines onto the dining room table so I can get some things done IF I can get to it. Everything's neatly put in the guest room, but it's a matter of not killing myself on my search.

Today is deck cleaning day. First it was way too cold to do it, then the rains came. I'm willing to help get it done so I can get my curtain panel up and have the deck finished. THEN I'll post pictures.

My travel buddy & I decided we 'needed' another trip and are planning to go to Indianapolis when she's on break between quarters from school next month. This will be a mid-week trip and only 1 night. Even though we just went in March, I guess this will make up for not going last year. I've never had a 'project' in the making on any of our trips, whether it was knitting or sewing/quilting. THIS time I plan to have a specific project in mind. Last time we were there we hit some really great quilt shops and will probably focus on that rather than yarn shops. to drag a sewing machine downstairs to get some sewing done before we start on the deck.

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Jan said...

LOVE your curtain panel! Can't wait to see more pics!