Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Already?

Yes. It's May already. Woke up at 4:30 to thunderstorms and rain coming in the window. After closing the window, then a potty trip...I couldn't get back to sleep. So downstairs I went and got caught up on some dvr watching.

This week was productive. We decided to replace the awning on our deck. Bill & Parker torn apart the old one and Bill & I headed to Jo Ann Fabric for some outdoor fabric. We also have a curtain on the west side of our deck so we can actually eat dinner outside without the sun killing us. We found some really neat lime(ish) green stripe for the awning and coordinating fabric for the curtain panel. They're done, ready to put up...but it's been raining ever since! Hopefully in a couple of days we can get them up and I can get some pictures taken and posted.

This week Parker & I are starting our 'room switch'. I'm clearing out my current design studio (aka sewing room) and painting. Then we're moving all Parker's stuff in it. THEN I get to paint his old bedroom and re-organize all my sewing tables, machines, plastic containers, etc. I've pretty much decided now is the time to replace the carpet in both rooms, while they're to tell Bill about it!

Time for lunch.

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